Origami Process


Conventional Process

The conventional production process generates material and resource waste throughout to deliver accuracy, correct dimensions and changeover effectively.
Conventional processes further require other materials/components to create a bound edge for a booklet; staples and adhesives.
The number of processes and machines require significant factory footprint and consume significant skilled resource in operating and maintaining conventional equipment.
Access to skilled and experienced setting staff is often stated as a major operating constraint.

Digi Leaflets Origami Process
The Origami solution and its sister machines are modular and flexible, enabling the printer/converter to ‘grow’ capabilities over time into the available product solutions thereby extending the product range and commercial offer (using traditional or digital print) – maximising return on investment (ROI).

As changeovers are simple and rapid, the conventional operating philosophy; extended change-over times demanding large MOQ’s, is overturned. Delivering precise, potentially very small volume requirements with reduced waste and the need for the unnecessary overhead of “stock” storage. The benefits are here today.

Our machinery solutions are simple to operate and deliver innovative product features for today’s market to allow printers & converters to utilise existing assets more effectively.

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