Our Technology

One of the key elements of the Digi Leaflet Technology solution, is our patented “roll and fold” Origami process. The flexible and modular construction of the Origami machine means that it is possible to grow capability and flexibility in a phased and commercially advantageous manner, each modular increment adding functionality and commercial value.

For example, by adding DigiPrint and finishing modules to the base Origami machine, we can deliver an on-demand print capability up to ~70m/minute as well as a the Digi Leaflet Technology finishing station to create booklets. With the growing demands for shorter batches, the fast “turn around” inherent in our design make this combination a real winner and ideal for shorter production runs.

In designing the machine, we have focused on reducing set up times.  With our latest technology it is possible to make ready a new batch, with a new artwork and delivery format within ~15 minutes.

Listening to customer demand we have not neglected the opportunity to utilise novel materials and processes to deliver sustainable business benefits; eco and otherwise.

Our processes allows the use of very thin paper and non-paper materials further enhancing the processes green credentials. Our products include: