The Benefits



Scalable, flexible and with numerous format options

Our innovative and fundamentally simple solution is targeted at Convertors and End Users equally offering specialist leaflet/booklet production to a wider Global audience; a flexible and scalable solution to meet the needs of today.

Our “Origami” machines are available in a range of web widths and outputs utilising both off-line conventional print technologies through to double sided in-line digital CMYK print.

With all options we can utilise a variety of specialist thin paper or non-paper substrate materials which in the correct application significantly aid delivery of recycling/sustainability targets.

Lower volume orders – shorter lead times 

DigiLeaflet Technologies understands this very real business driver.  Shorter lead times are driving technology innovation as evidenced by our development strategy and award of patents for much of the “Origami” product solution.

Our approach provides our clients an advantage that warrants close investigation.

The DigiLeaflet solutions offer: – ease-of-use, a variety of print options,  production flexibility, a modular system and a significant market commercial advantage over conventional solutions.

Modular construction

The DigiLeaflet solution is modular and thus inherently flexible, enabling a converter or end user to either extend their product offer (using traditional or digital print) or create greater manufacturing flexibility – thus maximising return on investment (ROI).

As setup is simple and swift, the traditional Minimum Order Quantity calculation is turned on its head.  This provides the flexibility for cost effective delivery to an exact volume requirement.  This reduces waste and the unnecessary overhead burden of Working Capital being tied up as stock.

Our products and machinery are simple to operate, innovative and contain patented technology.

Manning & Know-how

Conventional finishing equipment is reportedly difficult to set-up, manage and run reliably particularly as leaflets grow in size.  For booklets, the number of conversion machines required increases the staffing and skill levels.

In the design and development of the DigiLeaflet solution, DigiLeaflet Technologies has removed this technical bar by the incorporation of simple and digital setup procedures.  It is thus possible with the minimum of training, for a single operative to manage, change formats and complete runs with outputs as diverse as Leaflets through to Booklets all with minimum delay.

This core functionality has been maintained across the full range of our products: DigiLeaflet, DigiSert, DigiBooklet and DigiLB.