Digi Leaflet Technologies Ltd (DLTL) is a company founded specifically on developing innovative paper and thin film handling technologies to produce specialist communication documents, leaflets and booklets – and with supplementary equipment, Self-Adhesive booklet labels.

These can be manufactured cost effectively – in varying dimensions and formats on our bespoke range of modular “Origami” family of machines. Our machines have been specified to utilise the growing thin film materials; paper to 35gsm, Non-Paper Substrate (NPS) to 35micron and others.

The “Origami” range of machines can currently be ordered to accommodate varying web widths up to 520mm with this web width being converted into one of our formats in a flat film length up to 1,000mm. In its most basic form, the base machine is capable of folding reel fed pre-printed stock, to manufacture a series of flat leaflet formats of varying sizes. Additional modules can be specified to provide Digital print, for cross folding and for hot melt gluing – thereby producing DigiSert our outsert presentation.

Finished DigiLeaflet formats or derivatives can be packed into skillets, or fed to further DLTL Origami finishing equipment; on or off-line.

Central to the DigiLeaflet Technologies Ltd commercial proposition is that our machines are modular and functionally extendable, ensuring our clients have the capability to extend the basic leaflet folding technology as commercial opportunities present themselves ensuring long term protection of your investment.

Should DigiBooklet formats be required, the base leaflet machine can be expanded to increase capability; binding, trimming, skilleting or even further integration with existing client equipment.

From here it is one small jump into producing cost effective booklet labels with our novel constructions and in many cases with our NPS no over-laminate.

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