Digital Print

In recent years, this technology has advanced at a spectacular pace and costs have fallen considerably.

DigiLeaflet Technologies have established relationships with some of the leading suppliers in this field.  As such our knowledge of the interaction of materials, process and print process is second to none.

If you are considering this enabling technology as an add-on option, please do not hesitate to discuss this aspect with us at an early date, so we can introduce our digital partners to best support your requirements.





Legislation and Justification

Legislation in many Global jurisdictions is driving up the required content of communication media; legal text, minimum font sizes and readability requirements are major issues fuelling this demand – this is especially the case in the regulated industries of Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and AgroChemicals.

Similarly efficiency in Supply Chains and the desire to reduce in-market stock and working capital is driving down the volume of products distributed to the Markets.

This enigma, and the requirement for client supply base to be extremely responsive and flexible, has shortened manufacturing run-lengths – and has demanded faster ordering/re-ordering cycles with the supply of lower batch quantities.  The economic production run-length is under direct challenge.  The DigiLeaflet solution directly addresses this challenge.

It is a frequent challenge to cost effectively deliver space on a document/leaflet.  To include diagrams, photographs, tables and illustrations (sometimes a necessity), in order to ensure proper instruction, meet compliance and dosing/measurement requirements is difficult.

The DigiLeaflet product range and derivatives with the “Origami” equipment enable the inclusion of all necessary data, images etc. as the size of leaflet or indeed the booklet can be easily and cost effectively increased.  In traditional manufacturing processes leaflet sizes are frequently limited to the dimensions of the current finishing equipment.  With our solutions, you simply add length to the artwork (to a current maximum arbitrary length of 1000mm.)

In our DigiBookletL we utilise the additional length and just roll and fold a few more pages………simple and cost effective!!